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Edwin R Miller

Edwin Miller

Eddie Miller is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) with 22000+ hours, flying Airbus on international long haul routes.

Specialist areas include:

  • Currently a Captain, Instructor Pilot, Line Check Airman and Technical Pilot on many Airbus types, flying for a major US airline
  • Additionally, a Simulator Instructor (TRI) and provides Instructor Pilot support for FAA simulator evaluations and certifications
  • Previously highly experienced Boeing Captain on B-747, B-757 and B-767, flying international routes
  • Commercial Single and Multi Engine Land Flight Engineer  
  • Former United States Air Force (USAF) Pilot and Instructor Pilot. Gave advanced jet training to students and upgraded Pilots to serve as Instructor Pilots in the Undergraduate Pilot Training Programme
  • Former USAF Reserves Pilot, provided worldwide airlift support, international passenger transportation and air refuelling
  • International instructions accepted

Eddie Miller Aviation Consultant Expert Witness

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Edwin R Miller CV

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Edwin R Miller
   Aviation Consultant & Expert Witness



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Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics

University of Southern California (USC)


Flying Qualifications:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) - Single and Multi Engine Land

Flight Instructor - Single and Multi Engine Land

Line Check Airman, Operating Experience Instructor

Flight Engineer

Simulator Instructor (TRI)

Technical Pilot & Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Flight Engineer - Turbojet powered


Flying Hours:

Total Time, 22000 + Hours

Multi Engine Turbojet, 21800 Hours


Flying Ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot:

Airbus, A319, A320, A330

Boeing, B-727, B-747, B-757, B-767

McDonnell Douglas, DC-10


Boeing, KC-10, KC-135

Northrop T-38A, T-37B


Career  History:





2013 - date

GMR Consulting, USA and UK

Aviation Consultant and Expert Witness

Providing Expert Witness services to lawyers in connection with aviation accidents, including research and analysis in accident reconstruction.




1985 - date

Major US Airline, Atlanta, Georgia

Captain, Instructor Pilot, Check Airman, Technical Pilot and Simulator Instructor Pilot (TRI) on Airbus A319, A320 and A330. International routes of operation include Asia, South Pacific, Atlantic, Middle East and South America. Also provide Instructor Pilot support for FAA simulator evaluations and certifications.

Previously, Captain on Boeing B-747, B-757and B-767 flying international routes.

Captain, Instructor and Check Airman on McDonnell Douglas DC-10 flying in Domestic, Pacific, Atlantic, Middle East and Central and South America regions.

     (1985 - 1996)

First Officer on Boeing B-747, B-757, B-767 and Douglas DC-10 flying Pacific, Atlantic, and Middle East routes.

Second Officer on B-747, DC-10, and B-727 until the advent of the 2 pilot cockpit when the Second Officer positions were withdrawn.



Mar '84 - Jan '87

United States Air Force (USAF) Reserves

Pilot, KC-10A, March Air Force Base (AFB), California

Military reserve duties including extensive worldwide airlift support, domestic and international passenger transportation, cargo handling and refuelling.

Jan '76 - Apr '84


     (Jul '82 - Apr '84)

T-38A Instructor Pilot, Pilot Instructor Training Center, Randolph AFB, Texas

Upgraded USAF pilots to serve as Instructor Pilots in the USAF Pilot Training Program (PIT).

     (Jul '81 - Jul '82)

T-38A Instructor Pilot, Reese AFB, Texas

Trained USAF student pilots in all phases of advanced jet training such as Contact, Aerobatics, Formation Flying, Tactical Formation, Navigation and Instruments.

     (Nov '80 - Jul '81)

Pilot, Randolph AFB, Texas

Commenced the Undergraduate Pilot Training Program at the Pilot Instructor Training Centre and upgraded to T-38A Instructor Pilot.

     (Sept '78 - Nov '80)

Pilot, Beale AFB, California

Attended KC-135 Pilot Qualification School. Provided extensive worldwide support of Lockheed SR-71Blackbird and Lockheed U2 Reconnaissance aircraft. Proficiency Pilot in T-38A.

     (Apr '78 - Sept '78)

Military leave

     (Apr '77 - Apr '78)

Undergraduate Pilot Training, Vance AFB, Oklahoma

Intense, 52 week program. Dual phase training consisting of basic Jet Training in T-37B and Advanced Jet Training in T-38A. Concluded in qualification and awarding of the rating of Air Force Pilot. Syllabus included Instruments, Navigation, Aerobatics, Formation Flying.

     (Jan '76 - Apr '77)

Research Assistant, University of Southern California (USC)

     (Oct '75 - Jan '76)

Trainee Pilot, Santa Monica, California

Undertook Flight Instruction Program (FIP) which included ability screening and military pilot aptitude programs.

Mark Prior CV

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Mark Prior
  Aviation Consultant & Expert Witness



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Flying Hours:

Total Time: 7,500 hours (split equally between civil & military operations)


Flying Ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL(H)) Helicopters with Instrument Rating
EASA Class 1 Flight Test Rating with additional approvals when operating under a Part 21J Design Organisation’s Flight Test Approvals
Formerly rated on:
Aerospatiale SA340 Gazelle, Super Puma Mk1 & Super Puma Mk2, AS350,
Sikorsky S61, Eurocopter EC225, Bell 212 & Bell 412


Key Roles and Appointments:

Co-lead for the ICAO Helicopter All Weather Operations (AWOPS) workstream & member of the ICAO Helicopter Sub Committee
Member of the EASA All Weather Operations Rule Making Task
Member of the CAA H-TAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) Research Group
Member of the RTCA Special Committee 212 H-TAWS Committee
Member of EASA Ops 001 Group - transposing JAR OPS 1 & 3 into EASA Part Ops
Member of the EASA Safety Standards Consultative Committee
Member of the JAA Helicopter Sub-Sectorial Team which developed JAR OPS 3


Professional Bodies:

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Expert
Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) & a member of the RAeS Rotorcraft Committee


Career  History:


2017 - date

GMR Consulting, UK & USA
Aviation Consultant and Expert Witness
Provide Expert Witness services in connection with aviation accidents, including research, analysis & accident reconstruction. Accept instructions from Claimant & Defendant lawyers.


 2016 - date

M Prior Consulting Ltd, UK
Technical Director
Provide clients with technical, regulatory & safety expertise to enhance their operational efficiency, effectiveness & risk management. Current projects include:

  • H-TAWS (HelicopterTerrain Awareness and Warning System) research for the UK CAA to refine offshore Mode 1-7 thresholds using Flight Data Monitoring;
  • Operational Expert for a CAA safety study, in conjunction with Helios Technology, on the safety of automated offshore approaches;
  • Supporting the rewriting of the MOD Helicopter Certification Regulations in Def Stan 00-970;
  • Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) for a Part 21J Design Office. Areas of expertise include aircraft performance & handling, cockpit ergonomics, safety systems & OSD;
  • Safety audits for oil & gas clients & a non-UK Coast Guard.

1998 - 2016
     (2000 - 2016)

Bristow Group, UK
Group Chief Test Pilot
Responsible for the flight testing of modifications developed by the Bristow Part 21J Design Office, which has EASA and CASA Part 27/29 Approvals. Associated with this role was being a Certification Verification Engineer for Bristow modifications regarding cockpit design, performance, aircraft handling & human factors. In addition, the role involved the development of Safety System Assessments & compilation of Certification Plans. Additionally, assessed new aircraft & systems for commercial air transport operations & SAR. These types included the S92, EC225, H175, AW139, AW189, S76D & most recently the AW609 tiltrotor. For a number of years held dual military/civil currency on the Squirrel, Bell 212 & Bell 412 as Bristow provided these types to the MOD, as it was a contractor in the Defence Helicopter Flying School.

      (2014 - 2016)

Senior Manager Safety Analysis
Responsible for the management of the Global Aviation Safety Office which processes, analyses & investigates accidents & incidents affecting the Bristow Group worldwide; this included rotary offshore, SAR & military training as well as fixed wing operations.

      (2010 - 2014)

Manager Global Operational Standards
Responsible for the design, implementation & auditing of standards across the Group, as well as subcontractors, suppliers and affiliates.   Lead auditor for supplier audits by Bristow into the design, certification & production of aircraft from 3 major helicopter manufacturers. 

      (1998 - 2000)

Aircraft Commander
Operated in the all weather IFR offshore commercial air transport role.


1979 - 1998
     (1992 - 1998)

Royal Air Force
Experimental Test Pilot
From 1992 - 1993 selected to attend the French Test Pilot School – EPNER. Following EPNER, appointed as the Certification Flight Commander on the Rotary Wing Test Squadron, Boscombe Down, from 1993 - 1998. A requirement of the test pilot role was to assess aircraft during development or modification, or for a given role. Therefore test flew as P1 on the EH101/Merlin Mk3, Chinook Mk2, Puma HC1, Lynx Mk1/7/8/9, MD500, MD900, SA365N & N2, Aerospatiale AS355 & AS350B, Sea King M3/3A/4/7, Agusta 109A, Bell 412, Bell 206, Skyship 600 airship. In addition, flew another 5 airship types as part of an MOD feasibility study and flew simulator trials on new systems under development. Typically flew about 25 types a year along with a variety of training and research simulators.
In addition to the management & conduct of flight trials, the role involved liaison with the MOD Operational Requirements staff & MOD Project Offices at Abbey Wood.

     (1979 - 1992)

Operational RAF Pilot
RAF pilot training qualified as P1/Captain on: Bulldog TMk1, Jet Provost TMk5, Hawk TMk1, Gazelle & Wessex. Flew three operational tours on the Puma, HC1 & Lynx AH1/7.

Paul Milverton CV

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Paul Milverton
   Cabin Crew Examiner & Expert Witness



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Flight Attendant Training:

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accreditation for Crew Resource Management Ground Instructor (CRMI(G)
Aviation First Aid Instructor Certificate (EASA/CAA recognised)
EASA Cabin Crew Attestation, Form 142 Holder
Emergency Operating Procedures, various aircraft
Defence Aviation Safety Crew Resource Management Trainer Certificate
Teaching and Instructing Techniques Course Certificate
Intermediate Management and Leadership Skills Certificate
The Human Factor Crew Resource Management Certificate
Rapid Decompression Chamber Training (Hypoxia)
Combat and Sea Survival Training
Aviation Medical Training
Aircraft Cabin Smoke and Fire Training
City & Guilds 707/1 and 707/2 - Food and Beverage Service
Royal Institute of Health and Hygiene Certificate
First Aid at Work Course Certificate  


Flight Attendant Fleet Experience:

Lockheed TriStar L1011 C2, KC-1, KI,
Hawker Siddeley (HS-125) 400, 600, 700, 800 800XP and 1000
Andover E Mk 3A, CC Mk 2
Gulfstream IV, V, 550
Bombardier Challenger 601, 604
Dassault Falcon 2000
British Aerospace 146 (BAe146) 


Flight Attendant Hours:

Total time 7600+ hours (RAF 6300+ hours / Civil 1300+ hours)


Career  History:


2015 - date

GMR Consulting, USA and UK
Aviation Consultant and Expert Witness
Provide Expert Witness services to lawyers regarding all aspects of cabin safety operations and procedures, in connection with aviation incidents.   


2007 - date

GAMA Aviation, UK and worldwide

     (2013 - date)

Cabin Safety and Training Manager
Primarily employed in the Training Department instructing Flight Crew on emergency evacuation and safety equipment on their aircraft types, including BBJ-800, Beechcraft 200 and 350, Bombardier Challenger 601 and 604, Embraer Imperial Legacy, Dassault Falcon 900DX and 2000, Bombardier Global Express XRS, Hawker Siddeley (HS-125) 400, 600, 700, 800 800XP and 1000, Gulfstream V and 550, Learjet 45.
Deliver Crew Resource Management (CRM) initial, recurrent and change of operator courses to Flight Crew and Attendants.  Deliver initial and recurrent First Aid Training to all crew as well as Cabin Service Training, Customer Service Training and Fixed Base Operations (FBO) Ground Staff Customer Service courses.
Work with the Technical Publications Officer and Quality Manager to create and amend Cabin Safety Instructions Cards for all GAMA aircraft types.  Create and amend company Operations Manuals (both general/basic and aircraft type specific) for Survival and Emergency Equipment sections, in accordance with EASA regulation and CAA audit findings. Assist the Head of Training with the amendments of section of company Operations Manual regarding training.
Perform Flight Attendant duties as required.

     (2008 - 2013)

Cabin Services Manager, UK
Responsible for the recruitment, development and daily management of the freelance and contract Flight Attendants in the UK. Developed and implemented Flight Attendant training, including creating and amending Flight Attendant and Crew related Operation Manuals. 

     (2007 - 2008)

Flight Attendant on a Gulfstream 550 based in Moscow for 6 months


1994 - 2007

Royal Air Force, RAF Brize Norton, Northold and Benson, flying worldwide

     (2004 - 2007)

Station Air Steward Standards Evaluator, 32(The Royal) Squadron
Reviewed the formulation and implementation of Air Stewards training policy and the overall standard of Royal Air Steward Proficiency. Monitored standards of training, assessed operational proficiency and maintained standardisation in both normal and emergency operating techniques and procedures.
Carried out periodic and no notice categorisation checks and proficiency tests of all Royal Air Stewards and Royal Air Steward Instructors.
Re-designed and updated Cabin Crew Training Manuals for BAe 146 and HS125 aircraft.
Maintained the upkeep of Basic Training Records for all Squadron personnel and arranged relevant refresher courses. Organised and instructed regular courses on Sea Survival, demonstrating the functions of life rafts, crew lifejackets, passenger lifejackets and associated survival equipment.
Maintained a current operating role as an on-line Air Steward, including personal Air Steward to HRH The Prince of Wales for 12 years, serving on over 650 royal flights.

     (2001 - 2004)

BAe 146 / HS125 Air Steward Instructor
Provided Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Safety and Emergency Equipment Procedures instruction, monitoring and examination on BAe 146 and HS125 aircraft.
Submitted written reports on all training and examinations undertaken.
Recommended amendments to the BAe 146 Air Steward course syllabus and Cabin Crew Training Manual.
Delegated Air Stewards to Royal, VIP or routine tasks commensurate with their experience. 

     (1995 - 2001)

Deputy Air Steward Leader
Controlled the administration, personal standards and discipline of all Air Stewards. Advised trainees regarding development, health and safety and equal opportunity responsibilities.

     (1994 - 1995)

Air Steward on The Queens Flight
Operated on the BAe 146 serving members of the Royal Family

Aviation Expert Witnesses

Our team of consultants is led by Jayne Baxter, a licensed rotary pilot with almost twenty years of aviation experience in Europe and the USA. GMR has provided expert testimony worldwide, in highly complex aviation litigation. We have been retained by both plaintiff / claimant and defendant lawyers in a variety of civil and criminal cases to provide detailed, in-depth reports and oral testimony. All of our experts are licensed in their professions and our rotary and fixed wing pilots have tens of thousands of hours in the air and decades of experience. We provide expert testimony for incidents involving commercial, military and private flights, together with air show flying accidents.

Click here to read some case studies

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Aircraft accident reconstruction and analysis
  • Mechanical failures and defects
  • Aircraft manufacturing protocols
  • Maintenance and engineering – fixed wing and rotary
  • Air traffic control procedures using voice, radar, weather and associated data
  • Meteorology
  • Turbulence issues
  • Airline cabin safety
  • Custom aviation software and electronics including Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and other thermal imaging technology
  • Military accidents and investigations
  • CAA / JAR / FAA / ICAO regulations 
  • Airshow regulations and flight safety protocols
  • Human factors and performance
  • Airline dispatch

Our team includes:


Aviation Experts

Vince Barron Air Traffic Controller and Expert Witness

Vince Barron
Air Traffic Controller & Expert Witness

Aviation Expert Witness Dean Beresford Thumb

Dean Beresford
Fixed Wing Pilot &
Expert Witness

Martin Brookfield Fixed Wing Rotay Pilot and Expert Witness

Martin Brookfield
Fixed Wing/Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

James Coulter Thumb

James Coulter
Fixed Wing/Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

Cary Crawley

Cary Crawley
Hot Air Balloon Pilot &
Expert Witness

Andrew Cubin Fixed Wing Pilot and Aviation Expert Witness

Andrew Cubin
Fixed Wing Pilot & Expert

John Daly Rotary Pilot and Expert Witness

John Daly
Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

DDavies Thumb

David Davies
Fixed Wing Pilot & Expert Witness

Linda Fow Airline Purser and Expert Witness Thumb

Linda Fow
Airline Purser & Expert Witness

Julia Harvey Air Traffic Controller and Expert Witness

Julia Harvey

Air Traffic Controller & Expert


Douglas Maclean, Air Traffic Controller Wind Turbine Expert and Expert Witness

Douglas Maclean

Air Traffic Controller, Wind Turbine

Expert & Expert Witness

Kevin Means Rotary Pilot and Expert Witness

Kevin Means

Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

Daniel Mesnard Fixed Wing Pilot and Expert Witness

Daniel Mesnard

Fixed Wing Pilot & Expert


Eddie Miller Aviation Consultant Expert Witness

Edwin Miller

Fixed Wing Pilot & Expert


Paul Milverton

Paul Milverton

Cabin Crew Examiner & Expert

Jill Osborne

Jill Osborne

Purser / Head Flight Attendant
& Expert Witness

Airline Transport Pilot Dale Owens Profile Pic

Dale Owens
Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

Aerodrome Management Consultant  David Phillips

David Phillips
Aerodrome Consultant &
Expert Witness

Ross Priday Thumb

Ross Priday
Aviation Engineer & Expert Witness


Mark Prior
Rotary Pilot & Expert Witness

Brian Walton Aviation Engineer and Expert Witness

Brian Walton
Aviation Engineer & Expert Witness

Lloyd Watson Fixed Wing Rotary Pilot and Aviation Expert Witness

Lloyd Watson

Fixed Wing/Rotary Pilot &

Expert Witness

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