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Air Traffic Controller Wind Turbine Expert and Expert Witness

Curriculum Vitae:
Douglas R. Maclean

Air Traffic Controller, Wind Turbine Expert & Expert Witness

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Douglas R. Maclean
Air Traffic Control Consultant & Expert Witness



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Professional Qualifications:

5 CAA Air Traffic Controllers Licences
CAA ATC Examiners Licence endorsement
CAA OJTI training endorsement
NATS Safety Investigator training
NATS / JMW Management Programme
CAA Private Pilots Licence (lapsed)


Professional Bodies:

Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Expert

Career History:



2013 - date

GMR Consulting, UK and USA

Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Wind Turbine Consultant and Expert Witness

Providing Expert Witness services on the potential operational effects of wind turbines and windfarm developments on radar displays used by ATC centres.


Mar 2011 - date

DKM Aviation Partners Ltd.
Managing Director and ATC Expert

Working with various clients in worldwide consultancy. Recent experience in Air Traffic Management (ATM) projects in UK, Qatar and Japan.

On behalf of the developer, composed and delivered Air Traffic Control (ATC) Expert Witness evidence to the 2012 Fewcott Windfarm Public Inquiry.

Wrote defence ATC Expert Witness evidence in a 2013 Magistrates Court prosecution case.

1971 - 2011

NATS (Formerly National Air Traffic Services, previously part of the Civil Aviation Authority)

          (Jan '10 - Mar '11) 

Manager External Relations, Scottish Oceanic and Area Control Centre, Prestwick.

Responsible for developing the relationship between the new Prestwick ATC Centre and its customers. Major tasks were ensuring the customer priorities were understood and reflected in the Centre’s business plans and building a team of customer champions amongst the NATS staff.

          (2007 - 2011)

NATS ATC Expert on the operational effects of wind turbines on radar displays.

Responsible for operational assessment of all windfarm developments that could affect radars used by the Scottish ATC Centre. Developed the operational mitigations for the effects of wind turbines on radar.

ATC Expert in developing NATS policies on windfarms. Composed written ATC evidence to the 2008 Windfarm Northumberland Public Inquiry. Delivered Expert Witness ATC evidence under cross-examination.

          (2006 - 2010)

ATC Watch Manager and Senior Management, Scottish and Oceanic ATC Centre.

Accountable for the safety, service standards and performance of 65 people. Directed the Watch Management Team ensuring all training and certification was resourced and completed on schedule within budget. Maintained excellent safety and service standard at the Scottish and Oceanic ATC Centres up to and through transition to Prestwick Centre. Prestwick Centre delivered on schedule and under budget with no safety or customer service impact.

          (2007 - 2008)

MOD Civil Military Work Stream Lead

Responsible for agreeing and rolling out a programme of work in partnership with UK MOD. Aimed at improving civil / military safety, this was a high profile initiative reaching into ATC operations rooms and front line RAF squadrons.

          (1995 - 2007)

UK Airprox Board Civil ATC Expert

Selected as a Civilian Expert Air Traffic Controller to participate in the UKAB. Found the causes and assessed the risk involved in the most serious civil and military incidents across the UK. Commended in writing for significant contribution to the UKAB by the Chairman of the CAA and Chief of the Air Staff.

          (2002 - 2006)

ATC Supervisor at Scottish Area Control Centre.

          (1999 - 2002)

Head of ATC development for new Scottish Centre project. 

Responsible for a technically diverse team who were developing the ATC system for Prestwick in conjunction with Lockheed Martin. The project completed its tasks and suspended post 9/11. At that time the forecast was some £15 million under initial budget while still expected to deliver required ATM functionality. 

          (1994 - 1998) 

Public Relations Officer for Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists (IPMS).

During a 4 year Government initiative to privatise NATS, gave Expert Witness testimony twice to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee and to the Select Committee looking at introducing regulation of Air Traffic Controller’s working patterns and hours.

          (1991 - 1999)

Air Traffic Controller, OJTI, Watch Training Officer, Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) Licence Examiner.

Responsible for 16 sectors of airspace including TMA, FIR / UIR operations. On behalf of the UK CAA, evaluated the new SSR system and assisted its certification. Constructed the ATCO training programme and taught a core training team. Examined and certified 14 of the 21 radar valid ATCOs.

          (1987 - 1993)


UK CAA National Air Traffic Control Rating Examiner

Working with UK CAA Inspectors, responsible for final licence examination and certification of ATCOs Aerodrome, Approach and Area disciplines at two UK ATC Colleges.

          (1986 - 1987)

North Sea Helicopter Project Delivery Manager

Designed many of the ATC procedures and training programmes for ATC staff in the introduction of the Southern North Sea Helicopter Service based at Stansted airport. Tested and brought the service into operation in close co-operation with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Trained and examined the ATCOs at Stansted airport on behalf of the UK CAA.

          (1974 - 1991)

Operational Air Traffic Controller, OJTI, Watch Training Officer and Supervisor. Posts held at six different UK airports and one Area Control Centre.

          (1971 - 1974)

Air Traffic Services Assistant at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Daily responsibility for data preparation for Air Traffic Controllers. Administrative duties relating to airlines and collating records for the airport owners.