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Aviation Consultant and Expert Witness Edwin MillerCurriculum Vitae:
Edwin R. Miller

Fixed Wing Pilot & Expert Witness


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Edwin R Miller
   Aviation Consultant & Expert Witness



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Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics

University of Southern California (USC)


Flying Qualifications:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) - Single and Multi Engine Land

Flight Instructor - Single and Multi Engine Land

Line Check Airman, Operating Experience Instructor

Flight Engineer

Simulator Instructor (TRI)

Technical Pilot & Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Flight Engineer - Turbojet powered


Flying Hours:

Total Time, 22000 + Hours

Multi Engine Turbojet, 21800 Hours


Flying Ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot:

Airbus, A319, A320, A330

Boeing, B-727, B-747, B-757, B-767

McDonnell Douglas, DC-10


Boeing, KC-10, KC-135

Northrop T-38A, T-37B


Career  History:





2013 - date

GMR Consulting, USA and UK

Aviation Consultant and Expert Witness

Providing Expert Witness services to lawyers in connection with aviation accidents, including research and analysis in accident reconstruction.




1985 - date

Major US Airline, Atlanta, Georgia

Captain, Instructor Pilot, Check Airman, Technical Pilot and Simulator Instructor Pilot (TRI) on Airbus A319, A320 and A330. International routes of operation include Asia, South Pacific, Atlantic, Middle East and South America. Also provide Instructor Pilot support for FAA simulator evaluations and certifications.

Previously, Captain on Boeing B-747, B-757and B-767 flying international routes.

Captain, Instructor and Check Airman on McDonnell Douglas DC-10 flying in Domestic, Pacific, Atlantic, Middle East and Central and South America regions.

     (1985 - 1996)

First Officer on Boeing B-747, B-757, B-767 and Douglas DC-10 flying Pacific, Atlantic, and Middle East routes.

Second Officer on B-747, DC-10, and B-727 until the advent of the 2 pilot cockpit when the Second Officer positions were withdrawn.



Mar '84 - Jan '87

United States Air Force (USAF) Reserves

Pilot, KC-10A, March Air Force Base (AFB), California

Military reserve duties including extensive worldwide airlift support, domestic and international passenger transportation, cargo handling and refuelling.

Jan '76 - Apr '84


     (Jul '82 - Apr '84)

T-38A Instructor Pilot, Pilot Instructor Training Center, Randolph AFB, Texas

Upgraded USAF pilots to serve as Instructor Pilots in the USAF Pilot Training Program (PIT).

     (Jul '81 - Jul '82)

T-38A Instructor Pilot, Reese AFB, Texas

Trained USAF student pilots in all phases of advanced jet training such as Contact, Aerobatics, Formation Flying, Tactical Formation, Navigation and Instruments.

     (Nov '80 - Jul '81)

Pilot, Randolph AFB, Texas

Commenced the Undergraduate Pilot Training Program at the Pilot Instructor Training Centre and upgraded to T-38A Instructor Pilot.

     (Sept '78 - Nov '80)

Pilot, Beale AFB, California

Attended KC-135 Pilot Qualification School. Provided extensive worldwide support of Lockheed SR-71Blackbird and Lockheed U2 Reconnaissance aircraft. Proficiency Pilot in T-38A.

     (Apr '78 - Sept '78)

Military leave

     (Apr '77 - Apr '78)

Undergraduate Pilot Training, Vance AFB, Oklahoma

Intense, 52 week program. Dual phase training consisting of basic Jet Training in T-37B and Advanced Jet Training in T-38A. Concluded in qualification and awarding of the rating of Air Force Pilot. Syllabus included Instruments, Navigation, Aerobatics, Formation Flying.

     (Jan '76 - Apr '77)

Research Assistant, University of Southern California (USC)

     (Oct '75 - Jan '76)

Trainee Pilot, Santa Monica, California

Undertook Flight Instruction Program (FIP) which included ability screening and military pilot aptitude programs.