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Air Traffic Controller and Expert Witness Julia Harvey

Curriculum Vitae:

Julia D. Harvey

Air Traffic Controller & Expert Witness


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Julia D Harvey
Air Traffic Controller & Expert Witness



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ATC Operational Experience:

Civil Area Radar - Controller and ATC Operations Specialist
Civil Aerodrome Licence
Military Area Radar - Controller and Supervisor
Military Tower and Approach Radar - Controller and Supervisor
Military Detachment - Senior Air Traffic Control Officer


Professional Bodies:

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) 1st Tier Expert
Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)


Career History:



2011 - date

GMR Consulting, UK and USA

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Consultant and Expert Witness

Providing Expert Witness services to lawyers in connection with all aspects of air traffic control procedures and regulations, including scenario reconstruction using available voice, radar, weather and associated data.




April 2001  - date
     (Dec 2011 - date)

NATS (Formerly National Air Traffic Services)

Manager ATC Procedures, Prestwick Centre

ATC Specialist and ATC Officer

Hold a key leadership role within the Prestwick Centre Management Group, with accountability to the Deputy General Manager Operational Standards.

Ensure the effective provision and management of operational ATC procedures and documentation for Prestwick’s three distinct areas of operation: Oceanic, En-Route and Terminal.

Facilitate the delivery of Prestwick’s business and operational objectives to enable a safe and expeditious operation, whilst also ensuring demonstrable compliance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulatory standards and NATS Safety Management System.

Liaise with other airfields and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), as well as aircraft operators and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) regarding procedures and issues related to Prestwick Centre.

Responsible for hazard analysis of new procedures and amend as necessary to conform to Safety Regulation Group standards. Ensure department members are suitably qualified and safety management training is provided.

Extensive knowledge of all sectors controlled by Prestwick Centre, who cover the largest volume of airspace of any European Area Control Centre.

     (Mar 2008 - Dec 2011)

NATS, Manchester Area Control Cenre (MACC) Operations Department based at Manchester then Prestwick

ATC Specialist in Operations Department and Controller

Instrumental in the alignment of Manchester and Scottish Operation Departments’ processes, prior to the integration of Oceanic, Scottish Military, Scottish Area and Manchester Area operations into one new control centre. For every stage of the four transitions, wrote and developed procedures that included crossing international boundaries and adjacent ANSPs. Prior to merger, created a Letter of Agreement enabling the MOD and NATS to align UK Military Area and UK Civil Area operating and coordinating procedures. This encompassed Standing Coordination Procedures (SCP), Cleared Flight Paths (CFPs), Off Route Status and Non Deviating Status (NDS) that had previously been unresolved for five years.

As Controller, maintained competency in Tactical and Planner disciplines, safely controlling and managing traffic in and out of airspace sector in accordance with laid down procedures.

     (Jan 2003 - Mar 2008)

NATS, MACC, Manchester

Air Traffic Controller

Tactical and Planner disciplines on West Bank sectors at MACC.

Responsible for civil and military interface.

     (Apr 2001 - Nov 2002)

NATS College of Air Traffic Control, Bournemouth

Student ATC

Passed rigorous aptitude tests and interviews before commencing eighteen month course to gain Civil Aerodrome and Area licence. Included secondment to Cardiff Airport to exercise Aerodrome licence before progressing to Area licence training.


Sept 1990 - Apr 2001

Royal Air Force (RAF), RAF College Cranwell

Senior ATC Officer

Commenced RAF Officer training and ATC training before undertaking Military Tower and Approach Radar duties at various RAF stations.

London Joint Area Organisation (LJAO) Supervisor responsible for the military ATC operation in civil controlled airspace. Required close liaison with civil ATC Supervisors and extensive knowledge of civil airspace.

Military detachment in Bosnia Herzegovina as Senior ATC Officer (SATCO). Accountable for ensuring the availability of the airport and its facilities for the safe operation of all NATO Peace Stabilisation Force aircraft and personnel. Detached to The Falkland Islands.