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Air Traffic Control Tower

Curriculum Vitae:

Vince Barron

Air Traffic Controller & Expert Witness

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Vincent L Barron
Air Traffic Controller & Expert Witness



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ATC Operational Experience:

Control Tower Operator (CTO) Certificate

FAA Certified TRACON (radar approach)

FAA Certified En Route Center Controller

Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC)

Command Center Traffic Management Specialist (TMS)

Primary Instructor for Controllers in training


Career History:



2013 - date

GMR Consulting, USA and UK

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Consultant and Expert Witness

Provide Expert Witness services to lawyers in connection with all aspects of air traffic control procedures and regulations, including scenario reconstruction using available voice, radar, weather and associated data.

Extensive knowledge of US National Airspace System.


Nov '15 - date

Spaceport America, New Mexico, USA

Airfield Operations Manager / Flight Control Specialist

Responsible for the safe, secure and efficient movement of aviation and space traffic to Spaceport customers. Provide guidance to aircraft and spaceship operators. Coordinate airspace use and customer needs with surrounding facilities. Prepare and amend operational and safety plans and procedures.


Oct '89 - Oct '15

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA

     (Dec '14 - Aug '15)

Front Line Manager, El Paso Air Traffic Control Tower & TRACON (ELP ATCT), El Paso, TX

Responsible for planning and directing operations within delegated areas. Instructed Controllers in training and supervised a team of developmental and certified Controllers and ATC specialists, including performance evaluation. Performed ATC duties to maintain currency/competency.

     (Mar '13 - Dec '14)

Front Line Manager, Houston Intercontinental Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), Houston TX

     (Oct '11 - Mar '13)

Air Traffic Controller, Houston Intercontinental ATCT, Houston TX

Responsible for safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic within the tower airspace, according to FAA orders and directives. Supplied ATC advisory services to pilots including clearance to operate aircraft, weather, field conditions and safety and traffic alerts. Provided assistance to life-flight/air ambulance, military and law enforcement aircraft and helicopters.

     (Nov '09 - Oct '11)

Traffic Management Coordinator, Potomac Terminal Radar Approach and Control (TRACON), Vent Hill Farms VA

Duties were to balance air traffic demand with system capabilities.

Coordinated traffic management needs and problems to and from this facility and others. Monitored weather and air traffic volume, liaised with ATC, adjacent facilities, Command Center and airlines, then restricted or rerouted aircraft to maintain safe control. Also instructed Controllers in training and maintained ATC currency/competency.

     (Feb '04 - Nov '09)

Traffic Management Specialist, Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center (ATCSCC), Herndon VA

Worked as Specialist for the Traffic Management team who are accountable for the strategic management of traffic flow to minimise delays and congestion, whilst maximizing overall throughput in US National Airspace. Mitigated issues on a regional and national scale. Instructed Controllers in training and maintained ATC currency/competency. 

     (Apr '02 - Feb '04)

Traffic Management Coordinator, Phoenix ATCT, Phoenix AZ

Fully accountable for mitigating air traffic demand issues for facility. 

     (Aug '99 - Apr '02)

Air Traffic Controller, Phoenix ATCT, Phoenix AZ

Performed ATC duties including having responsibility for the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic landing, departing and within tower airspace around airport. Followed prescribed techniques and separation minimums as outlined in FAA orders and directives. Provided priority handling for Arizona Air National Guard (ANG) missions, particularly after 9/11. Served as On-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) to Controllers in training. 

     (Oct '98 - Aug '99)

Air Traffic Controller, Phoenix TRACON, Phoenix AZ

Performed radar approach ATC duties, as well as providing arrival, departure and practice approach services to numerous other satellite airports in Phoenix metro area. 

     (Oct '94 - Oct '98)

Air Traffic Controller, Kansas City International ATCT, Kansas City MO

Performed ATC duties in tower and TRACON airspace and provided radar approach services to other smaller airports within the area.

Served as On-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) to Controllers in training. 

     (Jan '90 - Oct '94)

Air Traffic Controller, Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), Olathe KS
Undertook ATC duties which included safely controlling and managing traffic en route within prescribed airspace, in accordance with laid down procedures. Provided arrival, departure and practice approach services to airports not being served by an active ATC tower or radar approach.

Controlled civil airspace and military aircraft and operations outside of specifically assigned military airport operating areas, including liaising with military Controllers in adjacent facilities. Area also included two active Military Operating Airspaces (MOA) with a military aerial refuelling track and where military aircraft flew.

Provided unique service to McDonnell Douglas corporation who were conducting test flights locally.

     (Oct '89 - Jan '90)

FAA Air Traffic Controller Academy, Oklahoma OK

Commenced classroom instruction of basic non radar ATC fundamentals, simulator sessions and testing. Passed to be able to continue with on-job training at an FAA air traffic facility.


Sep '82 - Sep '86

US Navy, NAS Moffett Field, CA

Radar Operator