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Witnesses: Case Studies

Career employment experience in civil litigation.

Employment Expert Witnesses: Case Studies

Personal Injury: Plaintiff / Claimant

GMR provided expert services in a personal injury case following a fatal accident involving an Investment Banker. This involved an evaluation of the banker’s entire career path and projection of future of loss of earnings. As a result, his dependants received very substantial damages in recognition of his significant skills, experience and proven track record as a financial services professional.

Divorce Litigation: Defendant

We provided career evaluation in connection with complicated divorce proceedings for a New York Hedge Fund Manager. Following his redundancy in the recent economic crisis, it was necessary to determine his future job prospects in the US and Europe, together with potential compensation, after which he was able to mitigate his divorce settlement.

Employment Dispute: Plaintiff / Claimant

GMR was retained in connection with an employment dispute regarding severance terms for a former Chief Executive Officer in a multinational business. GMR researched market data and provided strategic advice, including a range of scenarios for mediation purposes, which ultimately led to favorable settlement of the dispute.

Employment Contract Dispute: Defendant

We reviewed the long-term incentive program for a major US industrial corporation, following a discrimination claim brought against the company by a former employee whose incentives had been lapsed on leaving service. GMR assisted the employment tribunal with written evidence and oral testimony regarding the definition and consequences of career retirement, as established under the company’s long-term incentive scheme rules.

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Stuart Baxter HR Consultant and Expert Witness Stuart Baxter
HR Consultant & Employment
Expert Witness

Alison Christiansen HR Consultant and Expert Witness Alison Christiansen
HR Consultant & Employment
Expert Witness

Sophie-DePons Sophie DePons
HR & Recruitment

Georgie Reisser-Weston HR Consultant and Expert Witness Georgie Reisser-Weston
HR Consultant & Employment
Expert Witness